Terminology consistency and terminology management

Correct terminology and consistency in its use are crucially important when assessing the quality of translations and their acceptance by customers and users.

Intensive research in the relevant literature and meticulous searches on the web are used to create and maintain terminology databases and are passed on to our translators. Intensive exchange with our clients is the basis on which we coordinate the terminology to be used, and we offer two cooperation models in this respect.

Cooperation models for terminology management between the translation agency and corporate clients

External terminology management
Terminology management for corporate clients
We coordinate terminology and technical terms, clear wording and style sheets in direct consultation with the specialist departments at our clients. We maintain external translation references, review reference material, use terminology extraction tools and create client-specific terminology and translation databases. We take care of the external preparation and maintenance of client-specific terminology, which can be exported on request and made available to the client.

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