Machine translation / Post-editing

With the rapid development of artificial intelligence (KI) and deep learning systems, machine translation technologies are making ever-greater inroads into the everyday translation work.

Neural machine translation
Shortage of time is one of the main reasons for using machine translation to handle large amounts of text. Another factor is that neural machine translation (NMT) technologies are now delivering better and better translations. NMT can be deployed in standalone applications or via integrated API interfaces in CAT programs. Proprietary MT engines can be generated from existing reference material. We would be glad to discuss the prerequisites with you. Very good translations can now be achieved with non-specialized and public-domain text types. The amount of post-editing needed is much greater in the case of specialized texts. The linguistic and technical competence of the post-editor continues to be of crucial importance. DIN ISO 18587 is the applicable standard for post-editing. It specifies the process of human post-editing of machine translation output and the competences of the post-editor.

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